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Best Hotels in Medellin: the best areas to stay in Medellin

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The best area to stay in Medellín is without a doubt El Poblado. If you find accommodation that meets your expectations in this neighborhood, look no further. Otherwise, I suggest some interesting alternatives such as Laureles or the center.
Medellín is one of the cities that you should not miss if you travel to Colombia . If you read my articles about this city, you will probably realize that I have a special weakness for this city. If I had to move to live in this country, I would most likely be the one I would choose to live.
The capital of Antioquia is a top-level tourist reference in Latin America that offers a varied and comfortable transportation system, an extensive hotel infrastructure with first-class services and an attractive tourist offer.
Known as the “city of eternal spring” (due to its pleasant climate that oscillates between 17 and 26 degrees all year round), Medellín offers its visitors an experience that combines the beauty of its natural landscapes, urban modernity, and a range of restaurants and first class bars, parks, things to visit and first class museums, and one of the best nightlife in the country among many other things.
Staying in this city is not an inconvenience. The options to stay in Medellín are varied and with a very interesting value for money. You can choose between international hotel chains, boutique hotels, family hostels, apartments, and hostels. All at a very good price.

The best areas to stay and recommended Medellín hotels

In general, the price of Medellin hotels is quite affordable, especially when compared to the average price of any hotel in Europe, and it adapts to all types of budgets.
In terms of quality, nothing different happens from what we can find in other destinations. In fact, you will see luxury hotels, other well-equipped mid-range hotels and some more discreet.
The most recommended areas to sleep in Medellín are El Poblado, Parque Lleras (located in El Poblado) and Laureles . These neighborhoods have a good hotel offer, are well served by public transport, are close to many points of interest and are the safest in the city.
However, they are more expensive than the rest of the areas of the city, always bearing in mind that the prices are quite reasonable.
For its part, the center for its tourist interest is another option to consider, and the Belén neighborhood , although it concentrates a smaller offer of accommodation, has substantially cheaper prices and is also very well located. Envigado is another less popular but interesting option if you have your own vehicle.
1. El Poblado, the best area to stay in Medellín.
This area, located in the southern part, is the most important , one of the most developed and, therefore, with greater economic relevance. It is one of the safest areas and, as the locals say, cool to stay in Medellín.
Security is something to take into account in Colombia when choosing a neighborhood to stay in its large cities. In the Poblado you can walk with absolute tranquility at any time of the day. Even coming back late at night after going out for drinks I have never felt unsafe in the neighborhood.
Understandable, since it concentrates luxurious shopping centers, boutiques , and some local designer stores, a huge number of designer cafes and good restaurants. All this in a very clean neighborhood with lots of trees.
Nearby are the Parque de los Bosques de la Frontera , where you can recharge your batteries between visits, or the Castle museum , which houses exhibitions of antiques, porcelain objects, crystals, paintings or sculptures, created both by local and European artists.
On the other hand, the Poblado has a lively nightlife . It gathers in the popular pink zone, which extends around Lleras park. Among its streets you will find a long string of restaurants, where you can savor everything from local proposals to other international delicatessen , bars and nightclubs, where you can party until the wee hours of the morning.
If what you are looking for is to be central and you do not have budget problems, El Poblado is one of the best areas to stay in Medellín . Luckily, the accommodation offer is very wide and varied. In fact, you have the possibility of booking from modest 3-star hotels for about € 45 to 5-star hotels with full luxury and spas starting at € 100.


Luxury accommodation in El Poblado

Hotel Estelar Milla De Oro : One of the most recommended hotels to stay in Medellín both for its modern rooms and infrastructures and for its location. It is only 600 meters from the subway and you can approach Lleras Park by taking a walk.
Novotel Medellín El Tesoro : Located where the El Tesoro Shopping Center, few such good hotels you will find in Medellín. Its modern, spacious, and comfortable rooms are perfect. To highlight the views from its rooms and from its pool.
Hotel San Fernando Plaza : It is one of the most popular 5-star hotels in Medellín. It has it all: swimming pool, spa, gym, good views… And it is also very well located, near Lleras Park but conveniently separated from all the hustle and bustle of the area.
Mid-range accommodation in El Poblado
Four Points Sheraton Medellín : Spacious and modern rooms and an outdoor pool in the commercial and financial area of ​​Poblado, with direct access to the Oviedo shopping center. An excellent hotel.
Leblón Suites Hotel : A hotel that I like a lot both for its rooms and its unbeatable location. It is in the heart of the Poblado near the metro, shopping centers such as Oviedo and Strada, and very close to Lleras Park but at a more than reasonable distance from its nocturnal noise.

Budget accommodation in El Poblado

Hotel Loyds : You will find few better rated 3-star hotels in El Poblado. It is also a few minutes walk from Parque Lleras. If location and price are important to you, this hotel is a safe bet.
Ibis Medellin : If you are looking for a cheap, modern and comfortable hotel to sleep in Medellín, the Ibis Medellín is a good option. It is between the Poblado and the Colombia neighborhood, also with good nightlife and plenty of restaurants.

2. Parque Lleras, to sleep in Medellín if you are looking for nightlife
The Lleras Park and its surroundings is the pink zone of the Poblado. This area has become one of the most modern and the best representation of the metamorphosis that the city has experienced.
Among its streets there are countless shops, restaurants, cafes and discos , where people from Antioquia and travelers meet to enjoy their leisure time. Strolling through this area allows you to enjoy one of the most magical, colorful and rhythmic areas of the city.
Its proximity to the Explora park , an interactive place dedicated to the world of technology and science, the pedestrian walkway of the Poblado or the Pueblito Paisa , which houses a scale replica of an Antioquia town from the early 20th century, make the park You will be in one of the most interesting places to stay in Medellín.
In any case, if you choose it as the venue for your accommodation, check exactly where your hotel is located. Lleras Park is the epicenter of Medellín’s nightlife, so if your hotel is in one of the liveliest streets it should be well soundproofed or you will not rest properly.
For its part, the offer of apartments, hostels and hotels is very wide, especially around 10th Street , where, in addition, they have much cheaper prices than the rest of the routes. In this area you can sleep in a mid-range hotel from € 25 .


Luxury accommodation in Lleras Park

The Charlee Hotel : Not only is it one of the best hotels in Medellín but it is also in the heart of Parque Lleras. Glamorous rooms with careful design, gym, rooftop pool and nightclub.

Mid-range accommodation in Parque Lleras

14 Urban Hotel : Good prices in the heart of Parque Lleras with its discos, restaurants and cafes. Modern, very comfortable and with ratings that exceed 9 on average. All this makes it a very good option to stay in Medellín.

Budget accommodation in Lleras Park

In House The Hotel : For those looking for a cheap hotel to stay in Medellín near Lleras Park, here is a good recommendation.
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3. Laureles-Estadio, an inexpensive area to stay in Medellín

Close to the heart of the city , this area is an excellent opportunity for those who want to get into the local culture , discover the characteristic Colombian friendliness, hear the authentic Paisa accent, as well as listen to its great lexical richness, which often arouses much interest among the visitors.
Laureles is a safe area during the day where you can stroll through its streets. At night however you have to pay attention.
Although it receives less influx of tourism, Laureles-Estadio can boast of having numerous attractions: bars where you can taste the most typical Colombian coffee or where you can listen and dance to music of all kinds live, large shopping centers, the Atanasio Girardot sports stadium , the largest of the region, or the Nutibara hill where the Pueblito Paisa is.
Nutibara avenue is a real magnet for gastronomy lovers, as it is full of places where they serve Creole, national and international specialties.
As for the hotel offer, it is also very generous and, in addition, quite economical . If you have a tight budget, it is a good area to sleep in Medellín. Here, you can sleep in a 4-star hotel from € 35 per night if you book in advance .


Mid-range accommodation in Laureles

Inntu Hotel : Staying in Medellín in Laureles is much cheaper than in El Poblado. Prices for this hotel would be hard to come by for another 4 star there. Looking for a hotel in Laureles, I would choose this one.

Budget accommodation in Laureles

Hotel Medellín Gold : Simple and very cheap but neat, comfortable and modern. What you need to stay in Medellín and have a pleasant stay.

4. La Candelaria-Centro, to be central and close to tourist attractions

This neighborhood is located in the eastern part of the downtown area, south of Poblado and Laureles-Estadio . It is the most relevant from the historical point of view, since it brings together the old part of the city.
In La Candelaria-Centro there are tourist attractions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral , the Minor Basilica of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria , the Botero Square, the Antioquia Museum or the interactive EPM, the botanical garden, the Orquideorama -a park completely consecrated to the orchids- or the Carabobo promenade, dotted with beautiful facades and historic buildings.
In addition, it has endless green spaces, such as the Pies Descalzos park or the Berrío park, where you can enjoy a quiet time between visits.
For their part, shopping lovers will also find in this area various possibilities to enjoy their favorite activity. For example, the Camino Real or Villanueva shopping centers.
The hotel offer is smaller than in other parts of the city. However, given the proximity of tourist attractions, it is one of the popular areas to sleep in Medellín .
The downside is the issue of security. During the day you can walk through its most touristy areas without danger although it is advisable not to show off valuable belongings and be careful with pickpockets. At night it is not recommended to walk around the area.
The price of the hotels is not very expensive, in fact you can stay in a 3-star hotel for about € 30 a night easily. However, if you want cheaper accommodation options, you can always look at a hostel or hostel, as there are several in this area.


Mid-range accommodation in La Candelaria

Gran Hotel : In the center of Medellín almost everything is cheap accommodation. There are very few hotels of a certain category . The Gran Hotel is one of the few 4-star hotels in the area. It has an outdoor pool.

Cheap accommodation in La Candelaria

Hotel Plaza Mayor Medellin : La Candelaria is not at all one of the areas that I like to sleep in Medellín. However, it has really cheap accommodations . This hotel is quite good and its prices even better.
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5. Bethlehem, totally local atmosphere

Belén limits in its northern zone with the Laureles-Estadio neighborhood . It is one of the most authentic in the city , as it exudes the typical atmosphere of the Antioquia towns.
For this reason, a good area to stay in Medellín is established for those travelers who want to combine the visit of the city with the knowledge of its authentic culture and contact with the locals.
Here, you will find the Belén Library park , which is one of the city’s leading cultural centers. It integrates reading rooms, computer rooms, temporary exhibitions or beautiful natural spaces. Likewise, you will find some interesting monuments, such as the temple of Nuestra Señora de Belén.
In this genuine neighborhood the hotel offer is quite discreet, so to find space in high season you have to be proactive. The advantage is that the prices are, as practically in the rest of the city, quite compatible with all budgets. In fact, you can sleep in a small mid-range hotel starting at € 25 or € 30.


Budget accommodation in Bethlehem

Hotel Zona Verde : Located near the Parque de Belén and other places of interest such as Pueblito Paisa, it is a simple but pleasant hotel that will serve for those looking for a cheap place to stay in Medellín.
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6. Envigado, tranquility and nature

This municipality is located just south of the center of Medellín , a little further away. Its unique name comes from the groves that it once housed, from whose trees the wood for the beams of the houses was extracted.
This municipality is also the place where Pablo Escobar grew up , so staying here has a «seriéfilo» component and a dose of emotion and curiosity.
Apart from these curiosities, in this municipality you can also enjoy some interesting places, such as the Salado park , a great green lung where you can practice all kinds of active tourism activities: hiking, skateboarding , climbing, bird watching …
Within walking distance, you will find the church of Santa Gertrudis , the castle and its museum.
With regard to the accommodation offer, it is considerably smaller than in the rest of the districts of the “city of eternal spring”. Fortunately, the prices are a bit cheaper.
So, if you have a budget for limited accommodation, it is a good area to sleep in Medellín . In fact, for about € 15 you can book a 3-star hotel .


Mid-range accommodation in Envigado

Arame Hotel : An excellent 4-star hotel, almost certainly the best in the area. An alternative to consider for those looking for an alternative to staying in Medellín in a quieter and more elegant area like Envigado.